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As a Franco-Hispano-Argentinian, with a foot on each continent, Frederic cultivated a taste for intercultural dialogue very early on. A taste which naturally drove him – from job to job, in environments with high creative added value – to travel the world: first Europe and then Asia, which he discovered in 1999 as he took over as general manager of the Japanese subsidiary of Auchan.
In 2004, he decided to put his business knowledge to use, supporting his passion for creation by developing his own consulting service in Paris, based on his expertise of the management of large businesses and commercial efficiency on one hand, and fuelled by the culture of beauty and daring, and a deep understanding of the mechanisms of creation and their added value on the other. His goal: to create a dialogue between professions and cultures.

Today, he supports brands and companies in the world of luxury in identifying and evaluating candidates, whether creatives or managers, who can respond to new challenges and who will go on to build their future successes together with the company. Certified in NLP and systemic analysis, Frederic Gomez has made coaching a key method in his services, accompanying candidates on request as they take up new roles, or supporting global teams throughout the change process. He also practises mentoring, making use of the business acumen he has developed throughout his experience in general management and consulting to help his clients deliver good ideas that will become great successes. This approach aims to unleash creativity and facilitate its transformation into specific action plans.


Héloïse de Lacretelle launched her career in the world of press, handling the advertising for a popular women’s publication. Her commercial experience was then coupled with an initial contact with the world of luxury, inspiring her to go on to study at the French Institute of Fashion. After a stint at Kenzo, she joined Maison Léonard, where she supervised the brand’s own and licensed lines, from ready-to-wear to accessories and leather goods – for the Japanese market in particular. Assisting with both creation and production, this opportunity allowed her to develop in-depth knowledge of the fashion trades, while reconnecting with Italy, where she had studied.

After an entrepreneurial experience and the launch of an e-commerce site, she has been working with Frederic Gomez since 2018. Like him, passionate about creation and intercultural dialogue, she relies on the wealth of experience of her career, from marketing to creative management and the digital word, to identify needs and the candidates that meet them. Her goal: to think outside the box in identifying different candidates with high added value. Her motivation: meeting and discovering personalities and watching them flourish in their new environment.

Emma Xie, a fashion management graduate and partner at Frederic Gomez & Co, bridges the gap between her own country and Europe, where she spends several months each year. For 15 years, she has been involved in every stage of the industry’s history in China as she discovered its inner workings. At the same time, she is one of the first Chinese models to have had an international career, and she has taken advantage of each trip and each meeting to fathom the whole value-adding and branding process and to identify the specific cultural features of the different worlds in which she has grown her career.

With her finger on the pulse of the rapid changes in the market as regards products, retail methods and communications, Emma Xie is today the arm, the eye and the ear of Frederic Gomez & Co in China, sparking new opportunities for collaboration and then following through. Her grasp of the cross-cultural challenges and her twofold expertise in the Asian markets, on the one hand, and in the creative processes of Europe, on the other, mean that she is well placed to identify emerging needs, while ensuring the best possible teamwork between the different players in each project.