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The added value of Frederic Gomez & Co can also be found in our values, because we believe that a defined course of action helps us to move in the right direction. Our values are deeply rooted in the firm’s practice, and serve as much more than a simple modus operandi: multiplying our performance and efficiency.
Truth / Alignment

Being in the right place, in line with their values and in a position to express their vision with strength and loyalty: this is the key to achieving full potential, for brands and candidates alike.

Creativity / Liberty

We like to analyse – methodically, precisely, and in detail. Once we have a framework in place, we rely on it to liberate our daring and creativity.

Action / Transformation

What do we like even more than great ideas with the potential for great success? Making them grow and guiding them towards success – from creative solutions to ultra-specific action plans.

Teaching / Exchange

We like to understand and interact. Interacting to build bridges, between recruiters and candidates, between brands and markets, between the ambitions of our clients and their achievements.

Consideration / Pleasure

We believe in consideration and pleasure as vectors for surpassing oneself, and accelerators for achieving our goals, as well as those of our clients and the candidates we support.